Sunday, October 21, 2012

Today is such a special day for so many reasons.

Congratulations to my beloved friends, Susy and Ricky, on your wonderful wedding day. I wish I could have been there myself to say this in person, but I hope you guys know how much I love and care for you both. I know that today is just one of the many milestones you guys have been---and will continue reaching---together and thinking about being able to experience future ones with you when I eventually return is so exciting and humbling. 

Here's the happy couple at a party my friends/roommates and I had at our UWS apartment a couple of years back.

And to Daniel, happy birthday, my friend. I can't believe it's already been exactly two years since I last saw you when both you and Jenn visited me in Seoul on your birthday (HERE). I hope you have a great birthday today, and have a good time celebrating. Thanks for always being such a great friend, and I can't wait to see you again . 

And here's a picture of Daniel with Jenn and myself drinking at a pojang-macha in Seoul on their visit a few years back.

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