Monday, December 29, 2008

for the past few days, i have been helping out at the old retail store in soho that i've been working on-and-off at for the past 4 or so years.

it's literally been over one year since i last worked here, and all i have to say is, "damn, there sure are a lot of crazy ass fucking people out there." this is the one thing i did not miss about this job. seriously, in any job where you deal with people, and especially strangers, all day long --- you are bound to get the fucking crazies.

i'm only working a few days during the holiday season, so thank goodness i won't have to do this shit any longer after this saturday.

to all you crazies out there who love to shop at normal stores and make the lives of us minions a pain in the ass, all i have to say is: stay the hell away from me after next week and let me live my live in peace.

oh, the crazies...

and i have a great celebrity sighting. dec 26, friday evening around 8:30 p.m, i am at the lower east side whole foods on the bowery doing some last minute grocery shopping after a day of working at the retail store. i'm listening to my ipod and looking at a bag of red potatoes, and i see a man to my right looking at potatoes as well. i look once and then do a double take after i realize it's john legend. yes, it was him. this is my third john legend random sighting ever.

also, i absolutely SHIT YOU NOT but out of almost 10,000 songs in my itunes and while on random as i am writing this blog entry, john legend's song another again just randomly came on. um, WOW.


  1. aahhh!! so cute! you shoulda told him that the gays (or at least one) love him.

  2. Cool! I saw Matt Lauer at the Conran Store last week. He was totally gorgeous.