Wednesday, January 11, 2012

i love receiving mail here in bangkok.

i get pretty lonely and bored, making it always such a pleasant surprise to find that a letter or package has arrived for me. i also appreciate the effort (or what 2012 would call it) that goes into sending mail, and so it always feels really special, too.

yesterday, i was heading out my door for the day when i was given a small box that had just arrived. i returned to my room to open it, and inside were some books that my friend in korea had sent me. he's authored three non-fiction books so far about his travels, and i so wish i could just read them and easily understand what he's saying. while i can phonetically read korean, it's still a pain in the ass to look up most of the vocabulary so i don't read too often. but i'm thinking it might be time to invest in a good dictionary because i told him i'd definitely read these. it would be my first time reading a book in korean, but it has to happen eventually so why not i guess.


  1. We should be penpals. Send me your mailing address one of these days

  2. all the more reason to learn now

  3. i enjoy receiving snail mail as well. for christmas, i sent out a couple of card to friends living abroad. and i was very happy to have received cards from abroad as well. :)