Sunday, July 10, 2016

"By Friday afternoon, the full scope of the city's losses was clear: At least two of the slain officers had served overseas in the military, only to die back home in Texas. A third had made his way to Dallas after working at a jail outside Detroit. A fourth was a large man---about 6-foot-5---who had the semblance of a grizzle bear, according to a friend. The fifth was a standout on Dallas's large, modern force: The local police association had named him the "Cops' Cop" for February 2009.

As condolences for the men poured in all day on Friday--from the governor to the secretary general of the United Nations---details of the officers' lives started to emerge. 'We're hurting, our profession is hurting,' said David O. Brown, the Dallas Police Chief."

From the July 9, 2016, New York Times article: 5 Slain Dallas Officers Served Overseas and at Home. Written by Alan Blinder and Alan Feuer.

Lorne Ahrens. Michael Krol. Michael J. Smith. Brent Thompson. Patrick Zamarripa. These are the five officers who were killed in the line of duty in Dallas. Their lives were taken by a man who only saw hatred and violence as a solution. It's just so wrong and infuriating. More death and violence is not what will build empathy and strength in all of us understanding one another.

Rest in peace to these five men. And much respect to all of the law enforcement out there whose daily hard work of serving and protecting all Americans---no matter race, religion, or class--go unrecognized.

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