Wednesday, April 19, 2006


i have no idea of what has come of me this past week. on saturday i got extremely drunk and lost a VERY VERY important notebook for work. it's basically my notebook that i kept ALL my notes for the channel in. and after my drunken debauchery on sat, i realized i sunday that it was nowhere to be found. i had everything else in my bag other than that damn notebook, and also this anthony face lotion. but fuck, i couldn't believe i had lost it.

so now, im putting all my stuff away and i can't seem to find my wallet. i'm hoping i left it in my friend's car, and am waiting for her to call me back after she's looked in her car, but i really CAN NOT believe that imight have lost it. just the fact that i don't have it in my possession this moment really upsets me because i pride myself on never losing my shit. but fuck man, how dumb can i get? ahhh. its not the money i care about, it's my 2 drivers licenses that i had in it. damn, i don't want that shit floating around, it makes me extremely paranoid.

ahhhh. im such an idiot.

anyway. i can not believe it's wednesday night already. shit, when you have so much to do, the days just fly by.

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