Sunday, January 10, 2021

I started watching this new Korean drama a few days ago, and ooh wee, I've been completely absorbed in its fantasy world since. Apparently, it's like the hottest show in Korea right now.

Titled The Penthouse: War In Life and streaming here, it's 21 episodes long and SO frickin' good. Thankfully, the finale just came out this past Tuesday so I was able to watch it through without dying to know what happens after the end of each episode's cliffhanger.

In addition to its over-the-top and absolutely bonkers storyline, I really loved all of the talented actors it featured. And like any good Korean drama that's a time capsule in showcasing the latest pop culture, it did a great job in capturing the newest fashions, home decor, what cell phones people are using, and trends in general, to show someone like me on the other side of the world what's currently popular in the country. Overall, the show felt fresh, super modern, and was just excellently done. It’s been a while since I watched a Korean drama this good. I especially liked how the writing kept the story going at a pace that gripped my attention from the first minute. All of the non-stop plot twists made me wish I had been in the writer's room, because it's like, how do you even come up with something so twisted and genius?! And for 21 episodes straight! The plot was like a hybrid between a thriller and a soap opera, with plenty of funny moments where I had the time of my life laughing out loud so hard from its absurdity.

The story basically revolves around a few families who live in Seoul's most exclusive and super fancy (fictional) apartment building. Power, wealth, greed, bullying, murder, nepotism—it's all there. And of course, don't forget about the theme of revenge, which is pretty much the foundation to any good Korean drama. There's also the common Cinderella aspect where someone with no money is trying to move up in the world, along with a glimpse into shady undertakings of the ultra-rich in order to hold onto what they have. I'm normally more into rom-com Korean dramas that don't involve people getting killed, but this show definitely made it interesting and impossible to turn off.

Honestly, discovering The Penthouse this week was the best distraction from everything that's been in the news. I just finished the last episode right now and I'm already wanting more.

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