Tuesday, March 07, 2006

18 yesterday, 23 today

a very happy birthday to my friend judy. judy, even though i know you will never read this blog, (because i have yet to tell my friends about it), happy birthday. happy 23... i hope you live to have 100 more, i love you.

speaking of becoming 23, when the hell did this happen? i turned 23 last month and it's weird because i always think of myself as 18. that was the best year of my life i would say. i was so happy and went out all the time without worrying about stupid stuff.

now i can't even be in a crowded subway, let alone a bar or club, without having a fucking panic attack. is this what getting older means? ive also realized that i have hit the 1/2way mark until my 10th High School Graduation anniversary. WOW. holy shit... that's some scary ass stuff.

well, today i was in editing all day with *CENSORED*, the executive producer of *CENSORED*, and i watched along as he edited *CENSORED* performance at the *CENSORED* studios. all i have to say is, *CENSORED*, who hosted the show, is awesome and i wish i were best friends with her.

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