Monday, April 28, 2008

i totally forgot that i wanted to write about my living situation.

well, i've been in astoria since january and suffice it to say, after what is 4 months of living here, i can no longer stand it. on saturday i told my roommate that i'm leaving at the end of may and this is exactly how our conversation went.

ME: "hey saba (made up name), i just wanted to let you know since it's almost the end of the month, that i'm going to be leaving at the end of may. just use my last month's rent check i gave you when i first moved in."

SABA: "okay."

ME: *a bit shocked that he didn't hassle me* "great!" *smiling as i go back to my room to get ready for my friend's bday*

i dont think my roommate was at all surprised because i've been having A LOT of issues with the apartment in the past few months. oh man i cant wait to blog about it and list all the crazy, disgusting shit that's happened to me here! but that'll have to be done when i'm in a new apartment and the memories of living in this shithole are something i could laugh about for the rest of my life.

so it's official, i have to look for a new place to live in starting in june. i get to live with more crazy strangers from craigslist, oh joy! it's funny how i don't know a single person who is moving out and needs someone to look for an apartment with. if anyone knows of any normal ass people in nyc who are in need of a roommate starting in june, send them my way. i'd love to stay in astoria, and will ABSOLUTELY not live anywhere where i have to take the 7 train (i have issues with everything about that line).

Sunday, April 27, 2008

oh man... i'm still a bit brain dead from last. went out for one of my best friend's birthdays and honestly drank way too much, but had an awesome time nonetheless. i don't really remember much of the night, but from the stuff i do remember, it all just makes me smile or laugh.

i woke up today at noon, went to a friend's apt for a little, and then have been sitting in my room since 3 pm. i can't believe it's 10:30, that's fucking madness. i didn't do shit today.

yesterday during the day, my friend junho and i walked around the city and checked out the street fair that was running on 8th ave downtown. there was so much food to eat there, and after walking through the whole fair, i decided to get a corn dog. i go and order one and then the guys tells me it costs $5. five fucking dollars for a corndog at the street fair? that is just crazy. i walked away and got chipotle instead.

after hours of walking around and talking, we ended up back in queens and was going to eat dinner at his house but decided to pick up some Unidentified Flying Chicken on the way. has anyone ever had that? you know i'm a huge fan of korean-style fried chicken and have to say UFC was pretty damn good. i'll definitely be hitting up that place again. if anyone is ever around 74th street, go check it out!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

since a year and a half ago, i've been telling one of my best friends who works at a fashion label that tie-dye will absolutely make a comeback! i just had a hunch and a gut feeling that i couldn't explain but knew had to be shared with the world. along with all my other friends, she scoffed and said i was crazy. fast forward to now, and i have to say i was right, tie-dye has been popping up everywhere.

today at work, i received a package through messenger- and lo' and behold, it's a tie-dye shirt that my friend's fashion label had produced for their new merchandising line. a-ha! well, since i was meeting my close group of friends for dinner, i decided to surprise them and quickly changed into the shirt before i left my office.

we had dinner at moonstruck in the east village.

vindication feels great.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

don't really have much to talk about, so i'll just post some pics.

i only have 2 close college friends, yes- i was a loser. one is in la, trying to do the whole acting and entertainment thing, and my other friend, magali, is in london. last thursday, i received a voicemail from magali saying that she's coming into town for a week! ah, i was jumping for joy when i saw her last night. we went to yaffa cafe and sat in the back garden while drinking beers and catching up on the last 8 months of our lives. we bar hopped for a little afterwards, and i'm planning to see her this tues because her bf is playing some show at hiro.

a few weeks ago, i was invited to a book release party through work. the best thing is, it's a book about hamburgers and is aptly titled, The Hamburger, and written by Josh Ozersky, who I've had the privilege of meeting. first of all, i LOVE hamburgers. hamburgers are the shit. i could live my life off burgers. all my friends know i'm a die hard burger guy. whenever i go to a restaurant, i would always order the burger no matter what type of restaurant i was at (don't do that too much now, i realized it's not the best thing for my health). anyhoo, my friend jess came to the party with me and there were free burgers, fries and beer everywhere. the burgers were fucking amazing. the meat was so fresh, and the english muffin bun and sauce that was on it was perfection. unfortunately, there were so many people at the event that i couldn't get seconds. instead, we left the party and decided to go to crif dogs and then get some takoyaki at otafuku on 9th street.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Saturday, April 12, 2008

i'm at sympathy for the tea kettle in the east village and am drinking a strawberry cardamom smoothie. while it's not the most appetizing drink, it does feel refreshing in the warm, ny spring weather.

it's funny how the weather completely affects life. i know that sounds like such a dumb and simple statement, but it's so true. just walking around downtown, it took me a while to get used to all the cafes and restaurants that have set up tables and eating areas on the sidewalk. winter just passed by so fast, and i'm kind of sad that there was no major snowfall. oh well.

currently on obsessive repeat: fiona apple's debut album, tidal.
i think i know what my problem is.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Saturday, April 05, 2008

the epicurean magazine that i work at threw one of the biggest food bashes of the year on thursday. too lazy to get into details, but we had a fun photo booth at the party and i just wanted to share some of the pics.