Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"When talking about gunfire, residents of the Forest and McKinely Houses deploy a set of metaphors to describe its ubiquity: it's like hearing an ice cream truck, they say, or airplanes overhead, or nearly anything else that is part of the soundtrack of existence."
From the July 28, 2012 New York Times article "Living with Gunfire in the Background" by Ginia Bellafante.
"There is something wonderfully human and intimate and honest about discovering where life has taken them."
From American Vogue's August 2012 issue's Letter from the Editor, written by Anna Wintour.
Two friends from Seoul came to visit Bangkok for the past couple of weeks, and because I was practically with them for the entire duration of their trip, I felt like I was on vacation as well. 

It was refreshing to view Bangkok through some new sets of eyes, and I have to say that the pick-me-up was quite needed and much appreciated. I did enough socializing, eating, imbibing, and laughing to last me a good while (and have the weight gain to prove it), and can't wait until the next wave of visitors pass through town.