Friday, October 31, 2014

The past few months or so.

"Make sure that when you get out there and you show yourself to the world and you give them stuff, that it's quality work. And really pull yourself---your whole heart and self---into your work, because it's that important."

From the October 30, 2014 Cut article titled, Sharaya J is Alexander Wang's Rapper of Choice, by VĂ©ronique Hyland.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

"Over time, you've come to realize it's less of a race, and more of a journey."

From an AARP Medicaid Supplement Plans insurance commercial.
"I'm not writing anything right now."

Said by the character Jane in the television show Jane the Virgin. Episode 2.

Friday, October 03, 2014

The other Sunday when I was returning from vacation, I lost my wallet.

My roommate and I had just gotten out of our cab from JFK when I decided to get some food alone before heading back in to our apartment. It was while I was walking and rummaging through my book bag when I realized my wallet wasn't there. The last time I even remembered seeing it was at the airport in Jamaica. I remember buying two bottles of water before boarding and then putting my wallet back in my bag, so I thought okay maybe I lost in somewhere on the airplane. When I realized that I really didn't have it, I filled out an online form from the airline that night. I didn't really let myself dwell on the fact that I lost it, because it was my fault and I need to just learn from it. I don't lose stuff that often, but when I do, I take it as a form of a wake-up call.

I'm happy to say that lo and behold, the airline found it and my wallet is now resting beside my bed. I had lost this wallet for a short time a few years ago as well (HERE), but it also somehow ended up returning to me even back then. Thank you to whatever force or universe that's making this happen.