Monday, August 31, 2009

dating is fun.

i just hung out with this dude that i recently reconnected with last week after two years of not seeing each other. we randomly ran into each other at a bar and have been in contact since. i'm not sure how long or far this will go, but at this point it's nice to go out and meet people and have a good time.  i realized that ever since i became single a month or so ago, i've been going on a steady and healthy pace of dates and am doing whatever the fuck i want. i'm not attaching any emotions or promises to anything by choice---i just don't want anything serious. while i am technically dating, it's been a very long time where i've had what feels like a true date with someone---just having dinner/drinks with someone and truly getting to know each other for the first time.

i guess we'll see how things go. i'm happy to say that i'm doing well in the dating department and am just having as much fun as possible. i haven't found anyone i want to go into a serious relationship with yet and not only is that 110% okay, but it's what i'll probably prefer for a while.

here's to being young in nyc and thinking anything in life and love is possible.

Friday, August 28, 2009

i just got paid, it's friday night,  my hair's done and i spent 5 minutes trying to figure out what i want to wear for the evening. i can't get dressed and ready to leave the house without music so i'm blasting one of my favorite albums from one of my favorite movies, reality bites. just another friday night i guess. what are my plans for the night you ask? well, i'm going to work. fun fun fun.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

sometimes, i really suck at life.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

the lease to my apartment is over in early october and i don't know what to do. my roommate wants to move out and at first i was thinking of staying and just finding a new roommate, but i'm not so sure anymore. this place just has some annoying leaks that my landlord hasn't fixed since last november---i don't know if i can deal with them for another year. plus, my roommate and ex-boyfriend are best friends (that's how we met) and while i feel like i've had a lot of memories here with them, it might be time to just move on. however, on the other hand, i absolutely hate moving and am not sure if i can afford it. plus my neighborhood is getting so much better, its even changed tremendously since i moved in last year. there's lots more young people and restaurants popping up everywhere and plus i have friends who live nearby as well.

and one of my favorite things about my neighborhood is that it always smells like fresh baked breads. as soon as you get off the subway, there's this pastry smell lingering in the air and it's so uplifting---i smell it and just instantly feel good. my roommate and i always wondered where the smell came from and then one day i walked one block away from the street i always walk on and discovered a bread making factory.

part of me thinks i'll probably move out, but i guess i'll just have to see.

Monday, August 24, 2009

does anyone else miss the winter?

Thursday, August 20, 2009

note to any z-list reality stars---please don't come into busy nyc restaurants and think anyone gives a fuck and will seat you faster than other patrons.

z-lister: "do you watch x show on x channel? "
me: "nope."
z-lister's friend: "this is x and he's on that show!"
me: "great. the wait is still 50 minutes."

i've never heard of this dude or seen the show and am pretty sure no one else watches it either. i wish i could've made him wait longer than normal for trying to pull that bs.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

my beloved ibook (from 2005) is currently sitting alone on a shelf somewhere at techserve on 23rd street. techserve is one of the largest mac repair and service centers in the city and I had to bring mine in to get my harddrive wiped out and a new one installed. basically i lost all my files because being the idiot that i am, i didn't back up any of my stuff in over a year. the saddest part is, my comp was acting all crazy last week and i told myself that now would be a good time to back up all my files onto my external drive, but did i listen to my first instincts when i should have? nope---and it's all my fault.

i just got home from work an hour ago and with no laptop, tv, ac and little else to do in my apartment on a hot summer night, i'm bored out of my mind and scraping the built up resin off my bong because i just ran out of supplies. plus, i don't feel like doing anything else.

yay for iphones and technology.

Monday, August 10, 2009

having the ability to ride a nyc taxi home at anytime of day or night is a huge convenience in life for someone with no car.

i ride cabs home on days where i just don't feel like dealing with all the bullshit of the subways, such as a night like tonight. it was raining like crazy today and i got off work past 1am and i was already wet and annoyed so i opted to not take the subway. i thought about a few things tonight in the cab ride home with the first being, i enjoy the new lcd tvs and stuff in the back-seats of all yellow taxis because it's entertaining and tells you the weather and time and all that shit, but i also think it's bad. for generations, people going home in nyc taxis had to stare out the window, listen to the radio, ponder about life or engage with the driver or other people in the car. i'm sure because of that, many crazy and interesting things have happened. however now, people get in a cab, stare at the screen filled random content and pointless advertising and bam---next thing they know, they've arrived at their destination. i love staring out windows and what better city is there to stare at than nyc? i enjoy going down flatbush avenue after getting off the manhattan bridge in brooklyn---the simple fact that junior's and BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music) are part of my commute home is something i completely appreciate.

Friday, August 07, 2009

the dude lived in a 6-story walk up... that was a long ass walk-of-shame.

Monday, August 03, 2009

i think everyone in nyc is connected to each other by two people, three at most. it really is a small world here.
one of my first (on the books) jobs was at a staples in queens, nyc. i think i was seventeen and i decided to take a summer job because i was a loser and had nothing else to do. that was probably one of the worst jobs i ever had because i didn't know shit about electronics, and i was seventeen for goodness sakes. my uniform was a red staples shirt and khakis and i remember hating riding the bus to work everyday.

there's a lot of things i learned from that job and that i'll always remember, but one thing in particular is something my manager said. he wasn't talking to me and i was totally eavesdropping, but i remember him talking to one of the other coworkers and saying he had was going out that night so he was going to go home and "SHIT, SHOWER & SHAVE."

i always remembered him saying that, and while it meant nothing to me as a young teenager, right now it makes so much sense to me---it's the perfect combo.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

after getting off of work at 12:30am, a friend and i decided to walk around downtown for hours and just smoke and talk. we sat on a bench on chrystie near rivington and talked away about life as we watched all the hip and drunk-downtowners stumbling by us, many of whom were leggy looking models. we eventually ended up at a park in chinatown off the manhattan bridge and ended up talking some more and watching the rats scurry by our feet at 4am.

i think working these late hours and having the schedule i do, this is the time where i get to truly fall in love with new york. i know daytime new york, and now i'm getting to know what new york is at night---it's amazing.