Sunday, August 02, 2009

after getting off of work at 12:30am, a friend and i decided to walk around downtown for hours and just smoke and talk. we sat on a bench on chrystie near rivington and talked away about life as we watched all the hip and drunk-downtowners stumbling by us, many of whom were leggy looking models. we eventually ended up at a park in chinatown off the manhattan bridge and ended up talking some more and watching the rats scurry by our feet at 4am.

i think working these late hours and having the schedule i do, this is the time where i get to truly fall in love with new york. i know daytime new york, and now i'm getting to know what new york is at night---it's amazing.


  1. itsn funny how we both experience new york. i have similar thoughts about this city. its a great place

  2. haha, SSS. The essentials!