Monday, August 03, 2009

one of my first (on the books) jobs was at a staples in queens, nyc. i think i was seventeen and i decided to take a summer job because i was a loser and had nothing else to do. that was probably one of the worst jobs i ever had because i didn't know shit about electronics, and i was seventeen for goodness sakes. my uniform was a red staples shirt and khakis and i remember hating riding the bus to work everyday.

there's a lot of things i learned from that job and that i'll always remember, but one thing in particular is something my manager said. he wasn't talking to me and i was totally eavesdropping, but i remember him talking to one of the other coworkers and saying he had was going out that night so he was going to go home and "SHIT, SHOWER & SHAVE."

i always remembered him saying that, and while it meant nothing to me as a young teenager, right now it makes so much sense to me---it's the perfect combo.

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  1. All of us have to shit, shower and shave every day. What makes a difference is where you do them. :-)