Monday, August 31, 2009

dating is fun.

i just hung out with this dude that i recently reconnected with last week after two years of not seeing each other. we randomly ran into each other at a bar and have been in contact since. i'm not sure how long or far this will go, but at this point it's nice to go out and meet people and have a good time.  i realized that ever since i became single a month or so ago, i've been going on a steady and healthy pace of dates and am doing whatever the fuck i want. i'm not attaching any emotions or promises to anything by choice---i just don't want anything serious. while i am technically dating, it's been a very long time where i've had what feels like a true date with someone---just having dinner/drinks with someone and truly getting to know each other for the first time.

i guess we'll see how things go. i'm happy to say that i'm doing well in the dating department and am just having as much fun as possible. i haven't found anyone i want to go into a serious relationship with yet and not only is that 110% okay, but it's what i'll probably prefer for a while.

here's to being young in nyc and thinking anything in life and love is possible.


  1. "...anything in life and love is possible."

    I like that! Cheers to the good life.

  2. hurray! i agree. dating is fun! good luck :-D

  3. new york.

    wonder what is is about new york.

    i want to be in new york.

    but i am stuck here.

  4. Good luck in dating. Hope you find the right match. :)

  5. yes! Be young, meet people. You can watch TV with your boo while he knits you a scarf in your later years!

  6. You say you are jealous of my social life. I am jealous of your dating life!


  7. yay!! i was just thinking about how fun/nice it would be to go on a date. you got on the train before me!