Tuesday, August 25, 2009

the lease to my apartment is over in early october and i don't know what to do. my roommate wants to move out and at first i was thinking of staying and just finding a new roommate, but i'm not so sure anymore. this place just has some annoying leaks that my landlord hasn't fixed since last november---i don't know if i can deal with them for another year. plus, my roommate and ex-boyfriend are best friends (that's how we met) and while i feel like i've had a lot of memories here with them, it might be time to just move on. however, on the other hand, i absolutely hate moving and am not sure if i can afford it. plus my neighborhood is getting so much better, its even changed tremendously since i moved in last year. there's lots more young people and restaurants popping up everywhere and plus i have friends who live nearby as well.

and one of my favorite things about my neighborhood is that it always smells like fresh baked breads. as soon as you get off the subway, there's this pastry smell lingering in the air and it's so uplifting---i smell it and just instantly feel good. my roommate and i always wondered where the smell came from and then one day i walked one block away from the street i always walk on and discovered a bread making factory.

part of me thinks i'll probably move out, but i guess i'll just have to see.


  1. Instead of moving out. Redecorate!

    Your current place sounds wonderful and with a new roommate, it will be a completely different living situation.


  2. your neighborhood sounds wonderful.

  3. Good luck, regardless of what you decide to do with the apartment situation.

  4. RE: blogger who deletes your post.

    At least he/she isn't calling you a "shank" and "ho" like the FIT student who was outed by Google for defaming a model in NYC. :-)