Saturday, April 19, 2008

don't really have much to talk about, so i'll just post some pics.

i only have 2 close college friends, yes- i was a loser. one is in la, trying to do the whole acting and entertainment thing, and my other friend, magali, is in london. last thursday, i received a voicemail from magali saying that she's coming into town for a week! ah, i was jumping for joy when i saw her last night. we went to yaffa cafe and sat in the back garden while drinking beers and catching up on the last 8 months of our lives. we bar hopped for a little afterwards, and i'm planning to see her this tues because her bf is playing some show at hiro.

a few weeks ago, i was invited to a book release party through work. the best thing is, it's a book about hamburgers and is aptly titled, The Hamburger, and written by Josh Ozersky, who I've had the privilege of meeting. first of all, i LOVE hamburgers. hamburgers are the shit. i could live my life off burgers. all my friends know i'm a die hard burger guy. whenever i go to a restaurant, i would always order the burger no matter what type of restaurant i was at (don't do that too much now, i realized it's not the best thing for my health). anyhoo, my friend jess came to the party with me and there were free burgers, fries and beer everywhere. the burgers were fucking amazing. the meat was so fresh, and the english muffin bun and sauce that was on it was perfection. unfortunately, there were so many people at the event that i couldn't get seconds. instead, we left the party and decided to go to crif dogs and then get some takoyaki at otafuku on 9th street.


  1. arrrrgh! i need a burger like that. dont take the states for granted! euro-burgers arent the same.

  2. Lol. We should have ordered burgers at dinner the other night! I really wanted one but I was feeling so self-conscious about it.

    sorry, i haven't been in touch. was gonna ask if you wanted to get korean in Flushing on Sunday, but you're probably busy with your friend. I'll try ya another time!

  3. Burgers are on my Top 3 list of favorite comfort foods. I like it raw and bloody, with lots of mayo and bacon on a toasted bun -- heart attack on a plate!!!

    I was at Moonstruck last weekend after catching The Forbidden Kingdom at Kips Bay. Ordered the bacon cheese burger and I have to say, it was one of the worst burgers I've ever had in the city. Never am I going back to
    Moonstruck. Cher would be pissed if she knew they serve crap like that at the restaurant.

  4. In response to your comment about Korea bookstore, I saw a new issue of Korean Vogue selling for US$25 at the shop next to Gam Mee Ok on 32nd & Broadway.