Sunday, April 27, 2008

oh man... i'm still a bit brain dead from last. went out for one of my best friend's birthdays and honestly drank way too much, but had an awesome time nonetheless. i don't really remember much of the night, but from the stuff i do remember, it all just makes me smile or laugh.

i woke up today at noon, went to a friend's apt for a little, and then have been sitting in my room since 3 pm. i can't believe it's 10:30, that's fucking madness. i didn't do shit today.

yesterday during the day, my friend junho and i walked around the city and checked out the street fair that was running on 8th ave downtown. there was so much food to eat there, and after walking through the whole fair, i decided to get a corn dog. i go and order one and then the guys tells me it costs $5. five fucking dollars for a corndog at the street fair? that is just crazy. i walked away and got chipotle instead.

after hours of walking around and talking, we ended up back in queens and was going to eat dinner at his house but decided to pick up some Unidentified Flying Chicken on the way. has anyone ever had that? you know i'm a huge fan of korean-style fried chicken and have to say UFC was pretty damn good. i'll definitely be hitting up that place again. if anyone is ever around 74th street, go check it out!


  1. Been there a couple of times since it's like 4 subway stops from my place. I have tried all three flavors and I like two of them, hated the other -- can't remember which.

    The pickled diakon radish is delicious.

  2. hey, we're going tonight for some korean fried chicken at baden baden. want to come? it's for my birthday. :-) some bloggers will be there.