Tuesday, March 28, 2006


nothing new to gripe about today. last night i came home exhausted after not sleeping and went to bed for about 10 hours. i love sleep.

lately i've been riding the LIRR (long island railroad) waytoo much. i'm trying to only ride the bus and subway lately, no cabs, no lirr, no nothing. i plan to see just how long i can go with only using my metrocard.

and still no plans for summer. argh, its driving me crazy. there's about 5 weeks left for school, and i really need to plan what i'm doing. yeah. still gotta call my friend in alaska and see if i can stay at his house for the summer. i mean, it's a small ass town in alaska, but i think the change would do me good perhaps. we'll see. and plus its been ten years since i've been back, and i've always dreamed of going back. i just need to make money! interning just aint cutting it for me anymore.

today was a good day at work though. some artists came to the studio and we filmed a show w/ them. they were pretty funny. our vj said that thety reeked of alcohol, which is typically korean of them because they we started shooting at 10 in the morning. anyway, they used the script i wrote, well most of it at least, so i was pretty pleased. woohoo! one more thing to ad to my resume.

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