Tuesday, March 21, 2006

home alone 53

i guess this is the second installation of my spring break series.

just got back to the hotel after drinking 7 hurricanes and doing shot after shot of jose cuervo afterwards at the bar. cancun is crazy! wow. okay, well off to watch some wet t-shirt contests to see some more titties.

just kidding. but that's probably what most other college male spring breakers are blogging about.

i did nothing today but go to main street to run some errands in the afternoon. since then i have been home alone and am extremely bored. i've been watching a lot of tv and i realized that there is never anything good on to watch. it's better that i can watch logo without the thoughts of hitting the "return to last channel" button at the flick of a second, just in case someone in my family comes into the loving room and see's what i'm watching. but still, there's nothing to watch.

i realized that living alone in a house that used to have 4 other people, it's weird sometimes. it's different if you move into a new apartment alone, because you don't have any memories or events to compare to, but at an old place, you have everything to remember. all alone, i can only wonder how it was when both my sisters and parents and i were living here. those were some rough, dysfunctional times. yeah.

i feel extremely lonely. now i know how juju feels when she's home alone all day. (that's our dog). anyone want to sleep over? we can get stoned together and watch cable. i promise it'll be fun.

i've been doing a lot of thinking today. i can't recall about what, but i know i did.

oh yeah, if there was one thing i wish i could do, it would be to grow a beard. i wish i could grow a beard. this pathetic hair above my lip and on my chin is pathetic for a 23 year old, it looks like an 8th grader's fake mustache and goatee.

it's 1 something and i'm watching episodes of Roseanne on nick-at-night. this is my favorite all time show, i've watched every episode, except for the last 2 seasons because those were garbage. something about the show always made it so relatable, and roseanne is fucking hilarious.

sooooooooo. i'll talk about my upcoming summer. i still have no idea of what i'm doing.

i'm still stoned so i'm not sure if this entry makes any sense.

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