Monday, June 12, 2006

i feel like i haven't written an entry with substance in awhile.


what's new world?

as for me, same old. my emotions are running high and thin these past few days due to work. i can't believe that the channel is launching in two weeks.... for the past few months, what has become my life, will finally launch and hopefully things will be a little bit more stable for me. it's funny because while i was finishing this past semester, and working 50+ hours a week, i was thinking of how happy i would be after my semester finished. i pictured living at the office for the weeks leading up to launch, doing nothing but breathing in work.

but now that the time has come, it's not like that.

isn't it funny that life is never how you imagined? i think of what i'll do or how i'll be at certain times, and i realize that life is never like that. i have to stop doing that.

it's funny because i've always said that i never want to let anything define me. being gay, korean, a new yorker, a college student, etc. i've never wanted to let a single category define me to who i am to others, but this channel has defined me. i've met so many amazing people through work, and i'm so grateful for that.

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