Saturday, November 25, 2006

i worked today at this store in soho that i've worked on and off at for about 3 years. it actually felt nice to be talking with people and doing customer service. while i know i'll probably get sick of it again, sometimes it feels good just talking to people.

anyhoo, nothing to really update about. it's my parents' 29th wedding anniversary tomorrow so they went away for the night to go upstate to some cabin. i have no idea where they're going or why, and i honestly don't want to know. it just makes me happy that they take aside some time to be with eachother. i feel that my parents' relationship witheachother has gotten better and better with time, sometime like this would've never happened to years ago.

also, my cousin's sister from AZ came into town for Thanksgiving and has been here since thurs. she's really nice and i wish i wasn't working this weekend to take them out.

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