Wednesday, November 08, 2006

in 2004, i went to Michigan in the summer to work as a camp counselor for a Korean-American adoptee camp. it was the first time in my life ever being exposed to Korean-American adoptees, and summer camp in general.

i had the time of my life, and loved all the kids i was in charge of. i havent gone back since that summer, mostly because i've been interning every summer since then, and also i hated some of the other staff that had been affiliated with the camp their whole lives.

anyhoo, one of my old campers recently found me on facebook and we started messaging eachother. he told me i "really had an impact on his life." wow... that kind of got to me. maybe there's hope for me afterall, and i actually could make a difference in someone's life. i always think that i'm too fucked up in the head to help anyone else, but maybe i'm just scared. i dunno.

this is like my fifth post in the past 12 hours since i've been home and trying to work on my papers that are due. ive almost finished my first one, i started it 46 minutes ago. i doubt i'll do the second one tonight, my mind it too scattered. after 2 redbulls, it's pretty hard to write an intelligent sentence.

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