Wednesday, January 03, 2007

wow it's already wed here.

so, i've been meaning to post here more and more, just for the sake of looking back on my trip years from now, but i've been emailing my close friends like 3 times a day, giving detailed accounts of my day so i guess it makes me too tired to post here. i think im just going to start telling them to read this blog.

so okay. new years in Seoul was amazing. me, tim, and a few other people went to like the times sq of korea to watch them ring this large ceremonial bell while shooting fireworks at the stroke of midnight. it was an insane experience because there was just hundreds of thousands of people everywhere shooting fireworks in the sky, on top of fireworks that the city put on. it was really beautiful, but damn it was soooo fucking crowded. when i tried getting off the subway and was walking up the steps to the street, i was stuck on the steps for over 10 minutes as thousands of people were trying to get off, and thousands of others were trying to get on the subway. i was just stuck in a sea of people on the steps, unable to move AT ALL. it was a fucking nightmare. people just wouldn't stop pushing, at people were falling over and it was madness. what pisses me off the most is that theres like 5 cops watching the whole scene over some railing, and they didn't do shit to get some crowd control going on. and finally after we did get up the steps, people are just pushing you left and right.

i have to admit that at first i hated this city, and there's still many things im trying to get used to, but as time goes by i'm starting to love this place more and more. at 6 in the morning, the streets were crowded with people who were also drinking yet there was no trouble between people. everyone just minds their own business and has a good time. unlike in nyc.

i mentioned that i've been taking massive pictures and whatnot since i've been here, but god damnnit i've been to every damn place in this city that sells apple products, and nowhere have i been able to purchase my power adapter. the only place i can get it s through apple korea's website, and i tried ordering it but they don't take American Express, Visa, or Mastercard. they only take these solely korean credit card companies, which kind of boggles me because well i thought all the cards i have are international.

so yeah, i still havent been able to use my mac here at all. it's damn annoying coming to a pc bang all the time. i feel paranoid looking at things i want to look at, let alone i can't look at any gay related websites.

today i went to the Coex Mall Aquarium. it was decent i guess, no complaints. all though it was kind of pricey with tickets at like more than $16 bucks, but whatever. it was filled with kids though, which made it fun. korean kids are so cute, i love watching them interact with people and things around them. being alone there, i tried not to seem like a pedophile. anyway, i had a good time nonetheless.

also, aside from going to tourist spots in the city, i joined the gym that tim goes to. it's been good i guess. it's only my second day going, and i'm already over it. but i know i have to go and lose weight. if i do nothing else this trip other than waste money and have fun, i have to lose some damn weight and get my life together. tim's teaching me how to workout, so i guess we'll see how that goes.

hopefully it'll be a great 24th bday.

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