Sunday, February 25, 2007

i'm moving out of my place in Kangnam today, and going to my aunt's house in Hongdae. i'm pretty sad to leave what's been my home for the past 2 months. living here has been a great experience, hopefully something i will never forget.

so i move into my aunt's house today, leave for thailand on wednesday, and then come back on monday. then on the wednesday after i come back from phuket, i leave for tokyo and then come back on that saturday. i then leave back for nyc on the following day, march 11th.

the past week has been a blast because one of my best friends from home came to visit me in korea. we did so much and had a great time.

oh and my fucking ibook seems to be broken. i'm so fucking pissed. one moment i'm uploading pictures and videos from my camera, and the next thing i know my ibook shuts off and i havent been able to turn it on since. and plus my ipod screen is cracked so i can't see a damn thing.

i think that God or whoever is telling me to stop relying on technology so much. my ibook and ipod are two things i can not live without, i absolutely use them everyday. but now i can't really use either fully, and am starting to adapt without them. my main concern is about my laptop, and the possibility that i might lose all the pictures i took in korea. everything else is backed up at home so it's okay, but damn it i want my korea pictures!

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