Sunday, March 25, 2007

i saw this picture above on men's, and it kind of made me nostalgic.

first, i want to make it clear that i love korean air stewardesses. out of all the airlines i rode within asia and even in the states, i can honestly say they're the nicest, most accomodating, professional airline workers i've ever seen. and also the hottest, i have yet to see an ugly kal (korean air lines) stewardess. they're all beautiful or really cute, and none of them look surgically enhanced, thank goodness. also their uniforms are really nice and from the hairpins to their shoes, you know everything was meticulously designed. and i think they have a height requirement, probably along with some weight limits and whatnot because they're all tall and thin.

so while in korea, i went to incheon international airport many many many times. aside from the time i left korea for nyc, i always rode the airport bus to incheon. in total i made 7 rides on the bus, and usually the trip is over an hour long so all i did was stare out the window while listening to music. sometimes i would see KAL and other airline stewardesses riding the bus as well, and i always just stared at their beuty and class. they always seemed so done up, and i dunno i guess in a weird way, i put them on some sort of pedestal.

but all that changed one eventful day.

it was on a trip where i was going to the airport, not coming from it, and i remember leaning my head against the window while i stared at all the passing cars and scenary zooming in the background. on that day, there was this shitty white car that i kept seeing. the car would pass us, then we would pass them, and the cycle went on and on. i remember seeing the car and thinking, what a piece of junk. it was an old hyundai, and there was garbage all over the back seat and shit thrown everywhere. there were also these old dolls and other stuff in the back tossed about, and the car seemed to be speeding and in a rush, zooming in and out of traffic, but the bus somehow always caught up to it. so i see this car, and don't really pay it any mind. it's just another car on the highway.

and then i see who's driving. this scene is something i remember vividly in my head. it was a girl with a large bow looking pin in her tightly pulled back hair, with her body awkwardly leaning forward while her hands were tightly holding the steering wheel at ten and two. then i see her clothes and realize she's a KAL stewardess, and like a movie, my eyes pan out to get a full view of the shitty white hyundai, and then i look again inside her car and see all the mess that's thrown about.

well kids, that was the day i realized that they're just normal girls who run late, and have dirty cars, like every other person on this planet.

on my flight back to nyc, i couldn't look at them the same way. of course they were all nice and beautiful as always, but i don't know... the magic was gone.


  1. Anonymous11:12 PM

    hey! i'm in nyc. heading to boston tomorrow for a few days but will be back by the weekend. would you want to hang out?

    shoot me an email

  2. This is a good article showing how different reality and fantasy is.

    I also made a trip to Korea recently in October.

    Thanks for it saying that you are turned off by the dirty shitty car.

    Yes, they are human beings.
    we are gullible, expecially young people like you.

    Keep in mind that they have to live a daily life such as eating, going to washroom and getting sick.

    Let us try to see the inner beauty which lasts long.

    From Toronto
    J Lee