Saturday, March 24, 2007

this is my 3rd entry within 30 minutes. i thought i'd just write about some stuff.

yeah, i need a job...

but i did get an editorial internship at this pretty cool nyc magazine. thing is, it's such a big change from my last job, seeing that i used to have 6 interns of my own and now i'm back to being one. don't get me wrong, i am extremely humble and am very gratefull to even be able to have that position at this magazine, but it's still a huge jump for me.

however, i'm really excited about the gig and know i have so much great stuff to learn from them and would be a complete fool to turn this down.

it's going to be nice to have some sort of purpose in life again, i am so ready to work hard.

aside from all that, life is boring. tonight my sister and her fiance took me to this really great brazilian restaurant on 26th and park ave south called porcao. damn, the food there was absolutely amazing, and the service is truly some of the best i've ever had in nyc. i haven't eaten so much meat in a long ass time, and it was damn good.

ps- arcade fire's "neon bible" is sheer genious.

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  1. BTW, what kind of magazine are you working for? Fashion?

    Am looking for a summer internship at a magazine. Wanna experience "The Devil Wears Prada" life. :-)