Tuesday, April 17, 2007

i just finished reading 'the road' by cormac mccarthy' today at the laundromat. mmm, his writing takes a while to get used to, but i would def say the book was very suspenseful and scary at times. i didn't really get the ending though... maybe i'm just an idiot but i was left somewhat confused.

now i'm going to move onto my next book, and guess who got their hands on a copy of the new murakami??! yes, i didddd.

i was able to get a press review copy about a week ago. the book comes out in may, so i'm so excited to be able to get a sneak peak.


  1. oh yeah. throwing stuff away can be very cathartic.

  2. I hate clutter so I throw things out frequently. I'm trying to live the "zen life" -- no attachment to physical objects.

    So when I get a new pair of jeans, out goes an old pair. I'm so bad about it that my parents STOP buying me stuff. They think I'm wasteful.

  3. Great idea! Can't wait to try it out for myself.