Wednesday, May 16, 2007

so i told my bosses today that this will be my last week of work, and they were totally cool with it. plus, it's a little slow since the summer issue just went to press so me leaving won't really have any sort of impact. while i'm sad to leave the magazine, i'm ready to move onto the next phase of my life.

since i start my working career at the end of this month without breaks until the foreseeable future, i kind of want to take advantage of my week off next week. i'm not really sure of what i could do, seeing that i'm pretty broke. also, i've also decided to take up a second job and starting the first week of june, i'll be working retail on saturdays and sundays in soho so not having and days off for a while really wants to make me cherish my time off. i've been working on and off at this store for years, and all the workers and my bosses are so nice and while i do dislike helping asshole customers, every now and then i meet some nice people. and i'm very comfortable working there and selling their products so hopefully it won't be so bad.

i'm sure that i will be on blogger, complaining about how much i hate working 7 days a week and how i'm tired and my life sucks, but i guess it's only until october/november so i can manage to suffer for 5-6 months, especially for my family.

again, i ALWAYS think this but as an american born, college educated human being, if i can't succeed here, then i am a complete failure. i think about all the struggles that millions of immigrants have gone through and go through on a daily basis in this country, and if they can do it, i can too. hopefully i'll be able to think of my parents and what they went through for inspiration in any times of weakness i have.

i don't know, i guess for the past 2 months i feel like i've been doing nothing, and now i feel slightly motivated to just go full speed ahead. and i always say that being busy is not a bad problem to have.

also, i'm hoping that me working on the weekends will instill some responsibility and i'll go out less, thus spending less money. for about 5 months last year, i completely stopped drinking because i felt my life was getting a bit out of control, and in the back of my mind i would like go try it again, but this time without telling my friends and everyone else in my life. i'd like to take the more humble road, and just do this for myself.

i'm also hoping that with me being a lot more busy, i'll finally be able to find love in some shape or form. whether it's for myself, or for someone else that i meet, or even for both, i would welcome anything at this point in my life.

change is 'a coming--i hope.


  1. even with extensive experience, i found that i sometimes had trouble getting jobs, because of the downturn in the job market. i hope that there won't be a time when i will have to move out of the COUNTRY for a job...

  2. Good luck on the new jobs.

    The second job in retail -- is it clothes? I need some new summer clothes.

  3. Thwany, It's very admirable of you to take up a second job and think of honoring your parents with a cruise for their wedding anniversary. I wish you every success !
    And when you are tired and stressed and feel a need to whinge, I'll lend you my ear, how's that?
    Good Luck,Thwany!