Wednesday, May 02, 2007

sometimes i don't even know what i want in life anymore. i feel so lost. i have no direction and can't seem to figure anything out. it's scary. i feel like i don't know myself, i don't know the person i've become and i don't know who i want to be. i have no idea of what the future holds, and it scares me shitless.

why am i on this earth?

i still haven't figured it out. damn i am so depressed. this is all the shit i can think about. when i'm at work, on the subway, having dinner w/ a friend, it doesn't matter. all these questions just cloud my mind and it's hard to focus or care about anything else.


  1. writing you from Seoul in the lounge on my way back to NY. take it easy and stay cool. we all have bad days like that and sometimes they last longer than you want but then it passes. stay strong and positive, somehow.

  2. as a professional planner, i have to say no matter how much you plan or think you know what will happen in the future, something unexpected always pops in. it can be scary but at the same time, very exciting.

    you do not need to know everything about yourself right now. all you need to remind yourself is what makes you happy.

  3. awww. you're not alone, man. chin up.

  4. I concur with rafe and muddy.

    Stay strong, stay focused, say current. Don't worry too much about the future. Plan for tomorrow but don't fret over 2008.