Monday, June 04, 2007

i feel so damn lonely.


  1. Hi Thwany, why so glum? you would have started work by now, right? You know you can email me if you want and we can chat about anything. Or you could teach me Korean! I love Korean soaps but can only GUESS what they are saying. I'm not totally lost, I can say " Kencana-yo Thwany-shi? and it would be in the right context for today, wouldn't it? The last soap I watched was 'Goong" - that male lead 'Shin Gun' is soooo cute! When was the last time you caught up with your sis? Be Happy, Araso?

  2. I would offer to hang out with you but this old man needs to be in bed by 12 midnight. Okay, with coffee....maybe 12:30 AM.