Thursday, October 04, 2007

every time i use the bathroom at work, i remind myself to blog about this.

this is to all the guys out there.

pubes in the urinal-- why? no, seriously, why???

WHY DO GUYS PUT PUBES IN THE URINAL??? who the fuck does that? every time i go pee at work, there's always pubes in the damn urinal. and no, they don't all look like they're from one person either.

guys, do you just whip out your dicks and pull a bunch of pubes out afterwards, sprinkling it in the urinal like magical fairy dust? it's as if pissing in the damn urinal isn't enough to mark your territory, you have to leave some hairs too? i just do not understand it. ok, i can understand maybe one or two falling out when you open your pants, but judging from what i see at work, that is definitely not the case.

to all you serial pube droppers out there, stop the madness!


  1. Maybe someone was marking his spot like a dog. :-)

  2. nah, i think it's just the loose ones that fall out. i mean, how many different guys pee there in a day? even if one hair from 1 our of every 10 guys falls in, that can add up...

    unless of course this is like an office bathroom used by 3 people..