Thursday, November 15, 2007

i must admit that working for an epicurean magazine has its perks. i get to go to some awesome food events, and my knowledge of high quality cuisine is expanding with time.

tomorrow night, i'm going to attend SWEET. it's boasted as "new york's biggest desert festival," and there's supposed to be a great line-up of food network personalities and others giving cooking demonstrations and providing samples, woohoo.

but before SWEET, my boss is going to take me to newly opened Lunetta. i'm so excited to try this try this place, i am so ready for some good food. i've stopped myself from googling the place too much because i'm hoping to go in absolutely surprised.

anyhoo, just wanted to share a pic i took with my sister earlier tonight. went to dinner and a bar after (no, i did not drink) in koreatown.


  1. Oh how exciting for you, Thwany! I'm so happy that you are happy. I would love to be able to attend events like these, it's definitely my kind of thing. Do you like macarons? Have you tasted them before? Well, if you haven't , I'm sure you will at this SWEET event. I made macarons for the very first time last week and they were a success! YAY!! I just posted about them if you want to have a look.
    I love the photo of you and your sis, It's beautiful. It would be MORE beautiful if you smiled, though. And trust me, Thwany, smiling is not over-rated. You are a good looking kid, I'd love to see you smiling in a photo one day. Happiness is a self made decision, bud, I wish I could take those 2 chips off your shoulders and munch it with some nice dip I have in the fridge. Your sis adores you, Thwany, it shows in her face. That's worth a smile, isn't it? Have a great weekend!

  2. which restaurant would you recommend most in Korea town?
    I was just in Seoul en route from HK to NY. Met the cutest Korean guy named Cameron who lives in HK. he recommended a restaurant in HK so next time I'm in HK, I'm going to that place.
    nice shot of you and your sis. she's gorge!

  3. oh, and congratulations on not drinking. I know it's not easy when everybody else is.

  4. Coolies! I have to look into the SWEET event but will be walking for the Race to Deliver fundraiser.

    p/s: Love the brown sweater.