Saturday, January 26, 2008

yesterday i went to The Ritz-Carlton to eat at BLT Market for a lunch meeting. can i just say that, sometimes i love my fucking job and am grateful to be able to eat at all these wonderful places.

suffice it to say, i was so excited to go to BLT Market and of course, the food was absolutely amazing. for my appetizer, i had mache salad with deviled quail eggs and black truffles. my entree was a shrimp and lobster risotto with cauliflower and black truffles. the risotto was so rich and delicious, it was the perfect dish to keep me warm on from the cold winter's day. for dessert i had a black coffee and a caramelized crepe soufflé with tangerine sauce and pomegranate seeds. wowza, soo good!

my cousin tim, who was my gracious host while i was in korea last year, came back to nyc for a few weeks, so all us cousins decided to meet for dinner and drinks. we ate at City Crab, which was pretty good. i've eaten there before and have to say that i was not that impressed with the food last night. everything was a bit blah. anyhoo, afterwards we all headed to koreatown for some drinks and debauchery at players and baden baden. i ended up sleeping at my sister's place in nj and just got back to my apt two hours ago.


  1. Never been to BLT but I agree with you on City Crab -- food was mediocre at best.