Saturday, February 09, 2008

i just came back from Trade Fair, my local 24-hour supermarket by my apartment here in astoria.

as i was in line, looking at my 4 items sitting on the conveyor belt between two blue dividers, i thought about what my friday nights have become: standing in line at the supermarket at midnight, waiting to purchase two bottles of drano max, a ham and swiss sandwich and pink lemonade crystal light.

damn, i need some new hobbies.


  1. It felt Good dancing, huh? How about taking up some Dance classes, Thawny? My girls love dancing too (Hip-Hop) and I just Love to watch them!
    We're watching the first season of 'So you think you can dance' ( Aust.) - it's soooo cool!!
    Have a GREAT week Thwany!

  2. Can't be worst than mine. My bath tub was clogged after I took a shower last week. I had to go to the grocery store at 12 midnight to buy Drano Gel. Not a fun experience.