Thursday, February 21, 2008

i just got back from LA about an hour ago, and what a whirlwind my trip was.

our magazine's oscars party was a success, and the food was amazing. wow wow wow, i can't even begin to describe the amazing quality of the delicious food at the event. like almost every other person at the event, i ate until i was about to explode, and enjoyed every damn bite of it. the only part of the party i disliked is schmoozing, i fucking hate doing that shit. i did get used to it about an hour or two, but man- talk about awkward.

after the event, some of my colleagues and i went to some boring hotel called the l'hermitage and had some drinks at the lobby. i was a bit excited because i got to meet and hang out with a very well respected chef who has critically acclaimed restaurants nationwide. he's also a bit of a famous tv food personality, so i had a surreal moment while sitting next to him and sharing a dish of wasabi-peas as we all had a few drinks and conversation.

the most surreal part of the night was the very ending. so, the dj that was hired at my work event got my coworker and i onto the list at hyde, which i guess is one of the current hotspots of LA. my coworker, who is a beautiful young woman and one of the most sincerest and endearing people i've ever worked it, go to hyde and get in no problem. i was surprised at how tiny this place was, like more of a small rectangular box where you can pretty much see every person in the club. as soon as we get in, my celeb-radar goes crazy because i start recognizing a few people here and there.

let's just say, a very well known actor/comedian/bff to michael jackson hit on my coworker, and the three of us were chilling all night. i also had soo many other random celebs, and couldn't believe my luck that my first night in LA was filled with such star sightings.

LA itself seems a bit dull to me, there's no energy anywhere. i think it's because i stayed in beverly hills, and everything is just so plain and vanilla there. there's absolutely no culture in beverly hills except for money, it's all about the green and flashing it in any way possible. i think i'd like to go visit LA again and maybe do some more interesting stuff, like check out other neighborhoods that have a bit more flavor.

the bad thing about my trip is i didn't take any pictures until wed, when my coworker and i had some downtime before our flight. she rented a convertible volks-wagon beatle so we were able to drive around with the top down today. this was an extra special treat for me because it's always been a dream of mine to drive across the country in a mini-cooper convertible.

ok, i'm off to bed. i have to go into the office tom, blah.

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  1. The food in the photos look good.

    I want me some bacon and egg sandwich please.