Thursday, February 14, 2008

when did valentines day become a holiday?? what, are they going to stop delivering the mail on feb 14 as well?

i crashed at my friend's apt last night in chinatown, after she took me to dinner at ed's lobster bar (fucking yum!) on lafayette.i've been there before, and had the lobster pot pie again and it was damn good. well, i woke up this morning at 6, rode a cab to astoria, then showered and left for work. i briefly watched the today show for a few minutes, and saw meredith viera interviewing this political advisor for hillary clinton. now, when his live feed started working, the first thing he said to meredith was, "happy valentines day!" i couldn't believe this was actually happening on national tv. wtf? why the hell would you wish someone a happy valentines day when you're a political advisor and you're on the today show? and then meredith replied with some shit like, "thanks you, too!"

then i get to work and all throughout the day, people are "wishing me a happy valentines day." i'm pretty sure i would think this way even if it had a boyfriend, but to wish someone a happy valentines day is just dumb. if you're not in the 3rd grade and distributing cheap valentines day cards with those nasty heart shaped candy, i just don't think it's appropriate.

blah, i'm just ranting.

today feels like the first day in weeks where i've come home before midnight and i'm doing absolutely nothing. ahhh, sure feels nice. i have a stack of magazines with my name on it.