Friday, March 07, 2008

riding the subway during friday night rush-hour while it's raining cats and dogs in nyc is not fun, especially when i have to get onto the train at times square.

today was such a slow work day. i suggested to my department that we all go out to eat for lunch together, and we decided on going to this restaurant called Insieme in midtown. i have to say the food was pretty decent. my colleague got their lasagna, which was voted as "the best of new york" in this week's issue of new york magazine.

i did leave the meal still feeling a little bit hungry though, and found the portions to be small. my appetizer was the vitellone crudo alla piemontese, which is pasture-fed baby beef tartare with porcini mushrooms and lemon. for my entree, i went with the lamb tenderloin, which is lamb breast, lamb sausage, Jerusalem artichokes, brussel sprouts and smoked garlic. my dessert was scrumptious- i had the torta di ricotta, which was ricotta and orange cheesecake. the best part of the meal was being out of the office for almost three hours, and just hanging out with my coworkers.

i just got home and am going to go for a run, and then go to my friend's bday party tonight in the lower east side. i hope the rain stops by then.

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  1. Dude, you eat VERY WELL!!

    That is your EVERY DAY LUXURY!!