Monday, May 26, 2008

it's past 4 AM, and i'm still up because i just spent the past few hours glued to my laptop. this is why i try not to get into korean dramas, they're fucking addictive as crack and if the drama's good, it's always REALLY good.

i probably haven't watched a korean drama in literally years. i think the last drama i watched was "My Name is Kim Sam Soon" in 2005. i just started watching this newer one called "On Air," and it's about actors, writers, producers, and directors in korea's entertainment industry. oh mannn, it is soooo fucking good. i swear, the people who wrote this shit are geniuses. the plot is so twisted and amazing but believable at the same time and i feel like i'm really learning some inside stuff on what goes on there.

i started watching this a bit late so i was able to get the first 5 DVDs and watch them back-to-back. now i'm sad that i'm going to have to wait a week before i see a new episode because that's how often they air in korea and how they become available throughout the world.


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  1. I love 'My name is Kim Sam Soon'! It was the first Korean Drama I ever watched. There was no turning back after that - it's way too addictive! I bought 19 dramas this last holiday trip, crazy huh?
    Hope you're keeping well, thwany ;o)