Wednesday, May 07, 2008

so i had a very stressful day yesterday because of work and a personal matter.

work has been kicking my ass lately. the past few weeks have just been madness in the office and i feel like everyone is always running around like chickens without their heads. everyday is just a constant flow of annoyingness, meetings, annoyingness, more meetings, etc. Suffice it to say, the stress level for everyone is through the roof. also, finding out about another personal matter that really gave me one of the biggest shocks in awhile didn't help, so i came home feeling pretty drained and exhausted.

i come home and decide to drink a 40oz i've had in the fridge for a few weeks. i see that my roommate is up and already drinking, so i ask if he wants to split my beer with me. he said yes and then we started talking and actually kind of got to know eachother. i realize in 5 months, we never really did that.

oh man, all i have to say is the stuff i found out about him just floored me, it's the funniest and craziest fucking shit that i never, EVER, EVERRRR in my life would've expected.

if i write a book one day, i am dedicating a whole chapter to write about his story because there's no way i ever wouldn't include it! this stuff is too good and must be shared throughout the lands...

this is when i say, "oh 25, there you go again!"


  1. oh you sould wirte the book, just can't wait to read it!

  2. be 25 all over again, the things I could do...especially with what I know now...:-)