Friday, July 04, 2008

happy 4th of july everyone.

i just finished watching the macy's fireworks display on nbc. kind of lame.

anyway, i watched The Wackness earlier today with my friend jess. you know i don't watch movies too often, and it's even harder for me to find a movie i enjoy, but i definitely recommend this move to everyone. it's about an 18 year old kid who's graduating from high school in 1994 and all the events that happen to him that summer. the movie is very well written and pretty funny, and ben kingsley is such an amazing actor and yet again gives an awesome performance. he'll always be itzhak stern from schindler's list to me, that's my favorite movie of all time. if you live in nyc, go watch it! it's playing at the angelika.

after the movie, my friend and i walked to ippudo and ate some ramen. here are some pics.


  1. I love good ramen with a flavorful soup base. The best one i've ever had was at a small Japanese place on St. Mark between 3rd and 2nd, which is now "closed to renovation" -- that usally means the place was shut down by health inspectors. Hmmm....maybe it was the roaches in the soup pot that gave it so much flavor.

    Went to Momofuku a month ago and tried the special house ramen. I thought the soup base was underflavored and the condiment (fat belly cut of pork) overpowered the dish.

  2. where can you recommend to go for really good ramen in the city? I'm missing ramen after reading your post.