Tuesday, August 05, 2008

i accompanied my coworker shanette to 'wichcraft earlier today as she got ice cream after lunch, and as we were walking up 6th avenue on 42nd back to the office, i happened to notice lynn yaeger across the street. living in new york city, you see random celebs and people all the time and i've seen lynn countless times, sometimes on the subway or just walking around downtown.

anyhoo, i pointed her out to shanette and we watched as she stood there, waiting for the crosswalk to turn green so she can cross. just as i did, we watched as she PUT HER FINGER IN HER MOUTH TO PICK SOME FOOD OFF THE SIDE OF HER TEETH, AND THEN SHE PROCEEDED TO EAT WHAT WAS ON HER FINGER.

puahahah oh man that gave us a good laugh. question is, i wonder what she had for lunch?


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  2. that was great! i was expecting some 'i love fashion' post, and the food in the teeth was completely unexpected.

    love it!

  3. love her and that story is hilarious!