Saturday, October 25, 2008

i'm in kohler, wisconsin.

i got here thursday evening, and have been in timeless bubble that is filled with wine and food. all i have been doing is eating amazing food and drinking tons of award winning wines ---- i guess my job isn't so bad after all. kohler itself is beautiful and everyone is really nice. it's also so nice to get the fuck out of new york for a while.

i borrowed my friend's camera and am taking tons of pictures here, i'll post some after i get back home on sunday.


  1. I want you job! I am great at eating fancy food and drinking a TON of doesn't even have to be award winning.

  2. sounds like fun to me

  3. typical.

    just using us gays for the attention. but when we try to kiss them they run.

    where's the justice in that?