Sunday, November 30, 2008

i feel lonely and miserable as fuck. it it so much to ask that i have a special someone in my life? why the fuck is it so hard to meet people you have shit in common with? it's so hard to meet guys of substance in nyc, argh. fuck, i've given up on all this bullshit.


  1. Anonymous2:59 AM

    if it's any consolation from a random stranger who stumbled upon ur blog, you look totally adorable. and you seem intelligent. and nice. and interesting.

    enjoy your holidays. even the best, hottest-most talented-witty-awesome ppl often struggle through loneliness and finding "the one" or even just a casual date/fling.

  2. shooot... you just got the holiday BLUES!


  3. you're way too young and have to much going for you - so STFU already and start getting out there. join a club, a gym, take a class, but get your ass into circulation (i don't mean that literally...)


  4. You gotta put yourself out there.

    Nobody is gonna come knock on your door if you hide in there all day long.