Monday, December 29, 2008

i had a very small dinner party at my place this past weekend.

all my guests were asked to bring in a homemade dish or booze, and to my pleasant surprise, almost everybody opted to bring a homemade dish instead of liquor. how awesome is that?

suffice it to say, the food was almost as amazing as the company. i had such a fun time and was very grateful to be surrounded by so many of my amazing friends.

enjoy the pics below.

ps- my favorite pictures are of my old roommate from dumbo, takeshi, having a white-caste hamburger for the first time in his life. he's from japan and has been in new york studying film for the past year and i was honored to witness such a milestone in his life!

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  1. DAMN IT! Now I'm craving White Castle burgers. And it's past midnight!