Monday, December 22, 2008

people are getting laid left and right on this planet every moment of the day --- especially in new york city.

today i had a thought and wondered, i wonder if people feel the same way i do after getting some action?

i was walking to the 2nd avenue stop of the f train earlier this evening in the east village after getting some booty, and just because it doesn't happen to me that often --- i couldn't help but have a huge kool-aid smile on my face while walking around with a skip in my step and a twinkle in my eye. to quote dave chappelle from the oscar winning film, half-baked, the line that continuously ran through my head was, "i got some booty, i got some booty!"

that made me think, i wonder how many people i pass by and interact with on a constant basis that are singing their own sex ditty in their heads?


  1. LMAO... when do we get to see pics of this momentous 'booty'licious activity? :-P

  2. i can totally relate. i walk around for a couple of hours after with a silly grin on my face, and give myself imaginary high fives

  3. I def have the same reaction. Congrats on the booty!


  4. hope that was a very merry christmas

  5. Christmas comes early, it seems. :-)