Thursday, February 05, 2009

i had tons of shit in my messenger bag today and since it's so cold out in nyc, i decided to take my house keys out of my bag to put into my jacket pocket while i was still on the subway going home.

then something very embarrassing happened.

as i was standing in a half-crowded C train to brooklyn, trying to balance myself with one hand on the pole as i tried not to fall on my face, i dug through all the mess in my bag and then a condom fell out and onto the floor. yes---a condom. and yes---everyone standing around me and sitting in the seats saw it fall out as well. i was absolutely mortified.

the funny thing is, it was one of the "nyc" condoms, you know the ones that are available at like every single bar in the city? and the only reason it was in my bag was because a few months ago, my friends stole a whole bunch while we were out at a bar and stuffed them into my bag because they thought it was funny. i guess i forgot to throw this one last one away, it was probably buried under all the junk i'm always carrying around.

oh well. i thought it was funny anyway.


  1. haha. they probably all thought "what a lucky bastard- he's getting laid!"

  2. It's better to find one when you don't need it than to NOT find one when you do need it.

  3. lol omg how embarrassng, at least you got one handy =P

  4. better than a dildo!

  5. I second letopho's comments.