Tuesday, February 17, 2009

we spent the past 5 days together.

thursday (2-12 my actual birthday)
he surprised me with a birthday dinner at jean-georges' spice market
walked around the city aimlessly for hours
ended up in the east village
the cock
back to his apt in the u.e.s.

friday (2-13 we both took the day off)soho
anna sui
chocolate store
watched "he's just not that into you"
dinner at spice in the east village
blue and gold in the east village
back to his apt

saturday (2-14 valentines day)woke up and exchanged small v-day gifts in the morning
i went to a pilates class in carroll gardens, brooklyn
friend's apt in bed stuy to smoke, chill and watch tv
met back up with him for dinner at momofuku noodle bar
i surprised him with post dinner reservations at a dessert bar called koyotofu (he loves sweets and desserts)
walked around midtown
apple store
ended up dancing at the web
back to his apt

sunday (2-15)i went to nj to visit the parents for a little
chilled and smoked at a friend's apt in palisades park (fort lee)
nightmare commute back to nyc while stoned off my ass and holding smelly korean food from my parents---i hate jersey
stayed in with him at his apt

monday (2-16)lunch at mcdonalds
watched "friday the 13th" at union square (don't even get me started on watching these types of movies. on our first movie date, i watched "underworld 3" at a large theatre on a friday night. i have not done that since i was in high school because i absolutely hate movies like that and despise large megaplex theatres. when my friends later found out about our first movie date, they were unanimously shocked and knew i must really like him to do something so uncharacteristic like that)
haircut in chinatown
lunch at a vegetarian dim sum house in chinatown
back to his apt in the u.e.s. to pick up all my stuff and end our 5 day whirlwind
bed stuy to visit friends and have dinner
ended up crashing at their place

tonight is my first night sleeping at home since last wednesday. it feels like it's been forever. it's nice to be in my own bed.


  1. how cutee is that!! so much cuddling must've went on.

  2. hey - good to hear from you! nice to read about you and your bf - sound like thing are going well. love the fact that everything revolves around food. reading your posts makes me hungry.

    i got a cheap 1 bedroom up on 112 and 7th right about the park. kind of culture shock, but a relief to cut my rent by two thirds.

    stay in touch. r

  3. sounds like you had a great time. i love that bit about walking aimlessly around the city. i like doing that too.

  4. Wow...I am jealous but happy for you!


  5. I'm jealous in a good way for you!

  6. What an eventful week/birthday/v-day. :-)

  7. fort lee, edgewater, and pal. park make jersey suck a lot less...