Tuesday, March 17, 2009

i feel like the only thing i blog about anymore is being unemployed/broke. i guess it's because i don't have much else going on in my life right now...

the weather today in nyc is beautiful, and i feel like i should go out and be productive. while i have nowhere to go and no one to meet without my phone, i guess i'll just go to the union sq b&n to read and loiter.

bye all.


  1. That's what I do when I have time off -- B&N, a cup of mint tea and magazines.

  2. you live in one of the greatest cities on earth- you are so privileged. walk around town. to places you've never been before, maybe.

    i'd love to read some posts about new york city through your eyes :-D

  3. Well ... the bf postings are good, the bit about being unemployed does suck but do keep in mind it's up to you to use this time as a platform for better and bigger things in the future.
    As per Luuworld there's a fair number of things that can be done in NYC with little or no money.