Tuesday, March 31, 2009

i worked my first double shift today. 13 hours straight on my feet. the only thing i wanted to do after work was go for a long drive to the middle of nowhere so i can be by myself and listen to my thoughts. that's what happens when you're in the constant madness of an extremely busy nyc restaurant for 13 hours, especially if you hate being in crowded places---you want to get away from the human race.

sometimes i want to freak out at work because i get so tired of the constant rush of people. working in a restaurant is different from an office because at my old job, i would have instances where i wouldn't do shit for hours and i would just fuck around by reading the news and blogs online. but in a restaurant, you're always moving and constantly on and there's no way you can get around with fucking around like that at all. but it's okay because i tell myself, "more people, more money" and that makes the situation a little bit better.


  1. Better to be beejee, than not to be beejee. Or so my mom says. haha.

  2. Yes sir. Restaurant work is certainly laborious. You'll get the hang of it eventually. And hey, if you really want, you could always hide in the bathroom and read your blogs on your laptop (and you'd be away from people too).