Friday, May 08, 2009

i had a crazy nightmare last night. it was the kind that left me feeling very shaken and vulnerable when i wake up. i cant believe that it wasn't a dream and that it was actually something i dreamt. they're so random sometimes.

so in my latest nightmare, for some reason i've been kidnapped in brazil and at one point, someone is pointing a shotgun at me saying they're about to shoot me as i plead for my life. i just remember the feeling of that dream, i felt truly terrified and like i act was actually about to get shot and killed. then at another point, this small korean grandma is ordering me around and telling me what to do. i'm still kidnapped and she's ordering me around like crazy and at one point i yell in her face, "HAL-MUH-NI!!!!" and look at her like she better get the fuck up off me. i don't remember the rest.

well, it was terrifying none-the-less.